ISLAMABAD - The Capital Police have arrested 34 accused involved in car-snatching and recovered stolen valuables worth millions of rupees. Superintendent Police (West) Dr Moeen Masood Tuesday said Central Investigation Agency (CIA) and Anti Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) had arrested 34 accused of nine gangs involved in car-snatching and recovered stolen goods amounting millions of rupees. The recovered goods include 39 vehicle, six motorcycles, gold ornaments, tampering equipment and sophisticated armaments.   He said one gang was arrested by CIA police and arrested Naseem Perez, zafar Iqbal, Muhammad Adnan and Muhammad Kamran and recovered stolen vehicles included Alto VXR No-HX-064, Suzuki Mehran No-N-9868 Peshawar, Suzuki FX No-J-3847, Suzuki FX No-IDC-2369 Suzuki FX No-RIP- 1594 and Suzuki FX NO-RIV-4793, from them. He added that four vehicles and one motorcycle were also impounded under section 550 PPC, which include Suzuki FX- vehicle No-LHR-2101, Suzuki Mehran yellow cab, Suzuki FX-No-IDB-2893, and Yamaha motorcycle with tampered number plate. "Arrested second gang includes Meherban Nadeem, Muhammad Arshad, and Shamim Akthar. They were involved in car snatching. However, the accused of gang number3 includes Lal Ghulab, Raja Muhammad Zaheer, Jamshed Nawaz and Malik Muhammad Safdar.   They were also arrested in connection with car snatching", the SP stated. He said accused Abuzar, Yasir Khan and Muhammad Tanveer had committed robbery in the area of Shalimar Police Station and snatched gold ornaments and 2OD Car No-LRG-271 and police had recovered snatched vehicle and ornaments from them. He mentioned that accused Dil Agha; Nasir Ahmad, Asadullah, Rahimullah and Malokullah were arrested and stolen valuables, including ornaments, were recovered. The gang had stolen 200 cars from the area of Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Lahore. The stolen vehicle recovered from them include Suzuki Mehran No B-5308, Suzuki Mehran JZ-954-ICT, Suzuki Mehran JE- 669-ICT, and Toyota Corrola LA-440-ICT. He said accused Ali Bahadur, Javed Khan Bahadur, Mustaq Ahmad, Jamshed and Imtaiz had confessed robberies in the jurisdiction of Bharakahu, Shezad Town and Koral area and saccused Shaid Zaman, Sajid Ali, Syed Umer and Ajmeen were also arrested and police recovered Honda Motorcycle No MN- 825-ICT 02 Motorcycle (Applied For) and one Toyota Hiace C-3824-NWFP (Tampered) from their possession. Similarly, he added that Anti Car Lifting Cell impounded 21 stolen vehicles during last one and half months. Vehicles include Khyber Car No B-1226 Sawbi, Suzuki LZU-2162, Corolla Car No-962-ICT, Corolla car No LOR-2850, Toyota Corolla Atlas No- N-9998 Peshawar, Suzuki No- IDM 508, Mehran car No RIE-4839, Suzuki Carry No-B-1181 Kohstan, Land Courses NO- IDE-3183, Honda City No- LEC-5942, Motorcycle Honda No- RLE- 2551, Mehran car AB-1344, Corolla car No MNA-5536, Khyber car No- B-1531 Noshara, Shahzor No- C-2006 Noshara, Khyber car No- AAH-267, Shahzor No- LWN3670, Swift car No- DR-8160, Khyber car BMC -36. "Gang number eight included Nasser Ahmad, Muhammad Mustaq, Dadu and Qasir Iqbal. The gang was involved in many memmories in the area of Police Station Shalimar, Industrial Area, and Margalla. The police also recovered Honda Civic B-6511 Peshawar and car No- KA-307 from them including illicit pistols and Jewelry amounting million of rupees", he added. He said the investigation was under way and police teams had dispatched to the NWFP for the arrest of remaining accused.