ISLAMABAD (APP) - Capital Development Authority (CDA) seems indifferent to the damages occured to the newly constructed 9th Avenue by the ongoing rain spell exposing poor engineering work as well as non-professionalism. The Authority had opened the 9th Avenue in mid February but the project could not win the appreciation like the 7th Avenue as on the first day, a worst traffic jam was witnessed on the avenue. The 9th Avenue is the second direct link between the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi but the collapse of sidewall at 7-Up Chowk and the caving-in of landscapping at H-8 are posing threat to the commuters plying on the high-speed avenue. The avenue, called by the CDA Chairman Kamran Lashari as motorway of Islamabad, started breaking just four month after its opening to traffic, leaving a bad mark on the repute of contractor as well as CDA. The Authority had claimed that it was the first mega project that was executed before the deadline but the residents have criticized it saying that it was just meant to add plaque in the name of CDA authorities. "The quality and durability of work are more important than the early completion of the project," remarked Azhar Mukhtar, a doctor while commenting on the quality of work on the newly built avenue. The avenue, which incurred Rs1.3 billion, is stretched from Margalla Road to I. J. Principal Road. The project also includes construction of three underpasses at sectors H-8/H-9, I-8/I-9 and G-8/G-9 intersections. Despite four months of its opening, the Authority also failed to landscape either side of the road in a way to save the erosion of land. The current rain spell has caved in a wide portion of the grassy area and collapsed the sidewall, which may also lead to an untoward incident on the road. When contacted, the CDA official said the erosion of a small portion of landscaping and collapse of sidewall have nothing to do with the engineering fault as, he said, these took place off the road. He said the pit would be filled immediately and the wall raised again, adding that it would not reoccur once the Authority completes the landscaping of the both sides of the road. He said the Authority has already started plantation of environment-friendly saplings on the road, which would also protect it from any damage during the extreme weather conditions.