What is the glaring difference between Pakistani and Indian politicians? Answer: Indian politicians always show allegiance to their country and never indulge in controversies to malign her image abroad. Pakistan's ambassador to US, Hussain Haqqani says the Pakistanis need to change their mentality. Let's introspect a little over some basic questions; i) Which country's name reverberates the most whenever any major act of terrorism happens in the world? ii) Which country in the world is considered the safe haven for terrorist where they can impart training of their noxious trade without any fear of law? iii) Which country topped in having incidents of suicide bombings in the year 2007 iv) Which country has witnessed a sudden surge in insurgency? In my opinion, we have an extremely blurred vision of reality and we compel the whole world to see the fluctuating fortunes of various nations from our perspective. We think the world is an amphitheater with countries of the world as spectators while Pakistan is playing the role of main protagonist in the tragicomedy scripted by the US. Pakistanis need to change this discernment. -KHUBAIB USMANI, Islamabad, via e-mail, July 2.