KARACHI - Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, in his maiden press conference after taking over the reins of administration of the province, spoke little about the achievements of his government during the last three months but a lot about future planning. The press conference, held at the Chief Minister House on Tuesday afternoon, lasted about a hundred minutes in which the chief minister gave more details about the measures that his government would take in improving law and order, tackling price-hike, providing land to landless haris, shelter to shelterless and overall development in health and education sectors. However, surprisingly the main point, which was to be dealt at the press conference, was about achievements of the government during 100 days remained unattended. In a 40-page document, distributed at the press conference titled "100 Days of the Government of Sindh", only two achievements were recorded. The most important was the transfer authority regarding SPSC from Governor to the Chief Minister. The other was improvement of law and order in some parts of the Sindh. The document gave in detail the future planning of the government. Syed Qaim Ali Shah said that government was fully cognizant of prevailing situation and was working with full sincerity to reduce the impact of price-hike. On the wheat procurement, he said the government had by mid-July been able to procure approximately 6 million tones. A provincial committee comprising of three ministers - food, agriculture and Bureau of Price and Supplies - has been formed to oversee price control. He said that wheat would be available in the open market at Rs24.5 per kg from Tuesday and added he wished the price be at Rs22 per kg. When the wheat is available at cheaper rate the flour will also be available at cheaper rate, he said.   He said long-term steps were being taken to increase agricultural productivity for meeting domestic demand and generating exportable surpluses. Government of Sindh planed to under take major reform of marketing law and system for allowing greater private sector participation and efforts will be made to remove the role of middleman which was a great factor for price distortions, the Chief Minister maintained. Defending administrative steps taken during last three months, Syed Qaim Ali Shah said initially there was a need for large-scale transfers and postings to replace officers who were serving over a long period. He said after completing this process and in order to concentrate on the government's agenda and enhance the efficiency of the government machinery, such transfers/postings had been banned since May 27, 2008. Talking about rampant unemployment, he said joblessness requires economic solutions however; the problem had been compounded by not filling significant number of vacancies in the past decade or so in the government. He said approximately 60,000 posts between grade 1 to grade 14 were vacant in different departments while senior postings were being sent to SPSC as per rules. For remaining posts, the recruitment process had begun and advertisements placed. Speaking on the occasion, Sindh Home Minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza said that the past three months have witnessed positive improvement in law and order in the province. He said kidnappings for ransom, which was major concern in Sukkur and Hyderabad regions, have decreased significantly. In this regard 26 kidnapees have been recovered during the current month of July. He said that highway dacoities and robberies have also seen a downward trend as several important gangs involved in kidnapping for ransom and dacoity/robbery have been smashed. Dr. Mirza said in Karachi, there has been 35 per cent decrease in street crime, cell phone snatching reduced by 38 per cent and vehicle snatching witnessed a significant decrease of 48 per cent. He claimed that search operations have yielded recovery of huge quantity of sophisticated arms and ammunition. In a short period the situation has been restored to normalcy. There had been no incident of lawlessness and public disorder during the period. Holding an international mega-sporting event like Asia Cup in Karachi in a befitting manner was only possible due to stringent security arrangements of Sindh police, he added. Police budget for 2008-09 was enhanced by over 28 per cent while 3,500 additional posts were also planned. He said funds for operational expenditures, vehicles and security system had been provided. Giving details about performance of police, the Home Minister said that 786 police encounters took place with dacoits, in which 181 gangs busted, 55 dacoits killed, 2513 dacoits arrested 376 Proclaimed Offenders arrested, 7977 absconders arrested. About recovery of illicit arms, he said 156 SMG, 88 riffles, 256 shotguns, 2258 pistols/revolvers, 07 hand grenades, 10 rocket launchers and 11641 ammunitions recovered.   Information Minister Ms. Shazia Marri was also present on the occasion.