LAHORE- There is no doubt in it that the LCCI Achievement Award would give boost the business activities in Pakistan but the fast going up prices of gas, electricity and petrol are putting the businesses in trouble, therefore, the government should take appropriate measure to control them. PIAF Chairman Mian Abuzar Shad stated this in a press release on Tuesday. While terming the holding of Achievement Awards a step in right direction, the PIAF Chairman said that due to high cost of doing business in Pakistan, the exports are declining and no foreign investor is ready to make investment in this country. He said that it would be better, if the government formulates a committee comprising government officials and stakeholders to identify impediments in the way of smooth running of businesses. The PIAF Chairman also appealed to the government to take appropriate measures to arrest fast going up prices of daily use items as price-hike is giving bad name to the government which otherwise was making serious and sincere efforts to solve masses issues.