Benazir Bhutto promised restoration of Chief Justice Iftikhar-led judiciary and Roti, Kapra and Makan. However after her unfortunate assassination, her party's government has been marred by the wavering stance of her political heir Asif Ali Mr Zardari who has reneged on every issue. The proposed imposition of CVT on stock exchange earnings of those who minted billions were relaxed after a late night meeting between Mr Zardari and three leading stockbrokers of Pakistan. The question is what transpired between them? Mr Zardari neither holds any portfolio nor is he an economist. His connection with high finance is that of high crime, mostly involvement in controversial financial scandals and alleged overseas assets. Are we to understand that the pressure to impose tax or withdraw subsidies by international donor agencies does not include billions of rupees gained by real estate transactions, or stock exchange profits? Relief in the developed world economies is only for the under-privileged. In Pakistan it is solely for the privileged elite, who can grease the palm of our rulers. Can anyone name one national airline in the world which offers 50% discount to serving and retired armed services personnel? This only happens in PIA, the cash-starved national airline of a poor nation, on the verge of financial bankruptcy. -RIAZ CHAUDHRY, Dubai, UAE, via e-mail, July 2.