Before returning to Pakistan, Dr A. Q. Khan had a successful career and was living a comfortable life in Europe, something many of our countrymen yearn for and are in pursuit of. Very few people would be willing to give this up and return to Pakistan. Dr Khan's sole motivation was Pakistan's betterment and defence, a noble aim indeed. The action performed by him and his team enabled Pakistan to stand with dignity and free itself from being cowered down by India. The way Dr Khan is being treated now is despicable. Our spineless leaders and system are corrupt to the core. It is this system that degraded Dr Khan and treated him like a common criminal. This same system has exonerated notoriously corrupt politicians and enabled them to assume positions of leadership under the shade of the NRO. Only the Khilafah offers an effective challenge to this corrupt system. -HAMID NIAZI, Lahore, via e-mail, July 4.