ISLAMABAD - Pakistan on Tuesday refuted Afghan President Hamid Karzai's allegations about Pakistan's involvement in suicide attacks as "baseless" saying the accusations are aimed at creating an artificial crisis in relations between the neighbouring states. "Such baseless accusations serve no purpose other than vitiating bilateral atmosphere and creating an artificial crisis in Pak-Afghan relations," said the foreign office spokesman Muhammad Sadiq while responding to Karzai's accusations. The Afghan President on Monday directly accused Pakistan's intelligence agency of being behind a recent wave of deadly attacks in Afghanistan including the Indian embassy bombing, which killed 58. "The murder, killing, destruction, dishonouring and insecurity in Afghanistan is carried out by the intelligence administration of Pakistan, its military intelligence institutions," Karzai said in a statement, according to media reports from Kabul. Afghan cabinet also suspended some scheduled meetings between the two countries. In his response, Sadiq said, "Pakistan hopes that Afghanistan will do some rethinking and desist from such provocative statements and initiation of blame game." "Regretfully the decision by the Afghan cabinet to suspend important forthcoming bilateral and regional meetings on such flimsy grounds ignores the importance of economic cooperation to the improvement in the overall living conditions of the people of Afghanistan that has implications for the overall security situation as well," Sadiq said. He said that in Pakistan's view the abiding interests of Pak-Afghan relations and the need for credible partnership in the common struggle against terrorism and militancy should transcend short-term political expediencies and point scoring.