Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) in the persistent grip of atrocious bears and finding no rescue and relief measures from the apathetic authorities seems losing all hopes and giving themselves away to their mercy, which today at the very onset saw the 100-index bled away by over 400 points to peg at 10529, the lowest in last 18 months.The rulers absconding from the country for quite sometime for no valid reasons kept the investors haunting, shaky, highly depressed and restrained them from taking any new position in the sagging market. No wonder, the market today also witnessed mayhem under severe bearish clutch for the third day of the trading week in a row.The Benchmark 100-index has sunk to the lowest in 18 months. Analysts attributed this ongoing slump to the foreign investors' sudden siphoning off their funds from the market, which today in a brief one and a half hour trading crashing by over 400 points stood at 10529.11 and 37,523,780 shares thus far exchanged hands.