ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Army Tuesday downplayed fears of any intrusion on country's western border despite tribesmen fears over NATO forces build-up close to Pak-Afghan border. "There was no build-up of NATO forces close to Pak-Afghan border", Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Athar Abbas said. Talking to a private TV channel, General Athar Abbas said that there was nothing to worry about, adding that only routine movement of forces and the vehicles on the Afghan side of the border has been witnessed. "We closely monitor all such moves so there is none of such thing very close to the border. It was within their side and this was a routine movement for exercise or some operation there", he maintained. According to him, such things are well coordinated and informed before so that no misunderstanding could take place, therefore, it is unnecessary to create any media hype. Media reports said that some 300 NATO soldiers equipped with tanks, armoured vehicles and heavy weaponry have been moved very close to Lwara Mundi, a border village in North Waziristan. The village is also close to Camp Tillman, a US forward operating base in Afghanistan's Paktika province named after American footballer-turned soldier, Pat Tillman killed in a friendly fire in 2004. Meanwhile, Pakistan's tribal elders from Waziristan Agency Tuesday vowed to support army in case of any incursion. They vowed to protect every inch of their territory. They have also urged the tribesmen to keep their weapons ready for war if foreign forces tried to enter their area. The tribal elders warned the foreign forces of strong reaction by more than million tribesmen if they tried to move in.