LONDON - PML-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that the country is more dear to him than the power corridors, adding his party will not compromise on reinstatement of judges and impeachment of the President. Nawaz said this while addressing a reception hosted in his honour by PML-N UK here Tuesday. Nawaz said he would soon meet Asif Zardari and tell him time had come to materialise February 18 decision. "We can emerge successful by pursuing this simple agenda," he maintained. PML-N had offered its 90 seats to PPP with good intention after the elections and given a roadmap with the assurance that PML-N cooperation would continue if this roadmap was followed, he pointed out. "But we were compelled to join the cabinet by Asif Zardari. It was decided in Bhurban that "we would continue our journey in line with Charter of Democracy following the reinstatement of judges and impeachment of President Musharraf, he remarked. PML-N had extended unconditional cooperation to PPP and a national agenda, which was evolved in Charter of Democracy, was placed before them, he said. There was no such demand on this agenda that "I would become prime minister or as many as 15 ministries be given to us. Restoration of judges, impeachment of President, supremacy of parliament, end to Army interference in politics once for all and supremacy of institutions were part of this agenda, he stated. "We are a sovereign nuclear power. Our parliament should be independent. Parliament should decide what we have to do in FATA, he said, adding no dictation should be taken from outside nor we should become yes man to someone else. He alleged President Musharraf and agencies played role in breaking rather than making the country. President Musharraf did nothing for the country except to topple the government and abrogate the Constitution, he added. He reaffirmed his resolve the roadmap would be adhered to one day, judges would be restored and the President would be impeached. It was our desire PPP, PML-N coalition should stay and country be set on the track to democracy, he underscored. Nawaz said PPP Asif Zardari should follow the roadmap for which he had made an agreement with him. Now there should be final talks on the matter, he stressed. "I want to keep this coalition intact and I will discuss the same with Asif Zardari," he said adding, "the nation should pray for the success of talks." Meanwhile, talking to TheNation and Waqt TV channel, Nawaz expressed grave concern over Indian allegations that Pakistani agencies were involved in bombing its embassy in Kabul. "Me and Asif Zardari are trying to reach to the bottom of this," he added.