PPPP leader Makhdoom Amin Fahim's remark that the old guard of the party, particularly those with a strong bond with the former chairperson Benazir Bhutto, are being sidelined by the new leadership points to the fissures prevailing in the party. Talking about Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari, he said only time would tell who had led the party astray. However one may view the country's political landscape, and the fact remains that had Miss Bhutto not met her tragic fate, the party might not have appeared as it stands today. Under her leadership, it was unity and discipline in the party's ranks that was the order of the day. Her vision of solving the different problems vexing the nation today was pretty much focused. On the judge's restoration issue, for instance, she knew that the only way out of the crisis was in their timely reinstatement. The PPP is a major force in the country and must continues to play its due role. Unfortunately the odds facing the nation today are more than they have ever been. There are internal and external threats to our security. With a volatile situation in the tribal areas, the picture that emerges is that of a volcano ready to erupt any time. In times like these, the best the politicians can do is to put aside their differences. Seeing them hand in hand for the people's cause is not asking too much. Schisms in the party are not going to be helpful in the present quest for the country's stability.