LAHORE - Mohammad Asif has been suspended for an indefinite period of time for testing positive for a banned substance during random drug testing conducted during the Indian Premier League. The suspension came from the Pakistan Cricket Board after its contracted player was notified by the IPL organisers that he had tested dope positive. Addressing a press conference, PCB Chief Operating Officer Shafqat Naghmi said that the PCB is WADA and ICC compliant but the inquiry will be conducted by the IPL tribunal and PCB will closely monitor the case hearing to ensure he is given fair chance to plead. Naghmi, however, said that this was the first time he was tested under WADA regulations and added that results of 2006 when he along with Shoaib Akhtar had to return without participating in the Indian-hosted Champions Trophy could not be treated same. When asked, first Naghmi did not agree that Asif was caught second time even under PCB drugs policy. He said that it would be difficult to prove which left a feeling that the bowler was once again being pampered though all the case would be fought by Asif. Asif played eight of the Delhi Daredevils' 15 matches in the IPL, and shared the new ball alongside Glenn McGrath. The IPL had announced on Monday that Asif's sample was positive when compared with the result from the WADA-approved laboratory in Switzerland [that tested the samples] with the data collected by IDTM, the Sweden-based independent agency that organised the tests. He is now suspended from all competition until an inquiry was completed by India, where he tested positive for a banned substance. "We have suspended Asif from all cricket - neither can he be involved in any cricket-related activity nor can he hold any office relating to cricket," Naghmi said. "The inquiry will be conducted by the IPL doping tribunal and whatever decision they take against Asif, we would back it as the IPL, BCCI follow ICC regulations formulated by WADA," said Naghmi. He said that the PCB received an official notification from IPL on Monday (July 14) regarding an adverse Analytical Finding against Asif, who is a player under contract with the PCB. "The specimen sample was processed in Switzerland under the umbrella of WADA. "The PCB has a zero tolerance towards doping and condemns any such practice in all forms and manifestations. "The PCB is WADA compliant and has a comprehensive Anti Doping Policy which extends to all cricketers under the jurisdiction of the PCB. Under clause 8.2.2 of Anti Doping Policy, the PCB suspends Asif with immediate effect from participating in cricket including its organisation, administration and promotion conducted by or under the auspices of the PCB, ICC or ICC members until final decision which includes appeal," he added. He said: "As the sampling was done by IPL/BCCI, therefore under the ICC Anti Doping Code, the matter has been referred to IPL Drug Tribunal consisting of Dr Ravi Bapat, Sunil Gavaskar and Shirish Gupte." He further added that the tribunal consists of a doctor, cricketer and a lawyer and they would look into all the matters before taking any decision. He said that as per clause 16.2 of the PCB Anti Doping policy, the PCB is under obligation to recognise and enforce any penalty pursuant to the anti doping regulations of other ICC members or the ICC as if the PCB has imposed the penalty. "The PCB will offer every reasonable assistance to ICC and other ICC members as they may require for the implementation and enforcement of their anti doping regulations," he added. He said that Asif will be informed of the decision today about the PCB decision. "The PCB will be closely associated with the proceedings of BCCI/IPL Drugs Tribunal as under schedule 2 item 9 of the ICC Anti Doping Code. The PCB is entitled to attend the proceedings of the Drug Tribunal as it has a legitimate interest in the outcome of the hearing," he added.