MIAN Shahbaz Sharif went all the way to Quetta along with a battalion of his aides on Monday to express solidarity with the Baloch over the excesses committed against them during the past eight years of military rule and to assure them that "Punjab is the real brother and servant of Balochistan and other provinces". Condemning the cold-blooded murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti and blaming the dictatorship for having plunged the country into chaos, he reiterated his party's stance on holding General Musharraf accountable for abrogating the Constitution rather than giving him a safe passage. The visit, during which Mian Shahbaz addressed various forums, including the provincial cabinet, would certainly assuage the Baloch population that had developed hatred against the Punjab because of its previous government's undue support to General Musharraf's relentless repression in Balochistan. But he would be seen overstepping his jurisdiction by proposing the formation of a committee of all the four chief ministers and its regular quarterly meetings to discuss issues among the provinces. This would be a mere duplication of the Council of Common Interests, which is a constitutional body empowered to take care of the interests of federating units and ensure their autonomy. The Punjab Chief Minister had better leave it to his elder brother and Party Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif, if the purpose of his Quetta visit was to deliver a message of goodwill to the people of Balochistan on his behalf. At best he can suggest to the federal government whatever measures he has in mind for evolving a mechanism to improve inter-provincial coordination. Mian Shahbaz needs to understand that his hands are full with problems he has inherited and their resolution requires his presence and attention since so far his administration has not been able to provide any respite to the people. At the risk of repetition, it is being stated that our ruling leadership must do its job rather than poking nose in affairs outside its purview.