ISLAMABAD - The sugar cane production is likely to be very low in the current year as the farmers who had been exploited by sugar industry have decreased the area of cultivation and even a large number of farmers have not cultivated the crop this year due to industrialists' atrociously greedy tendency, the market sources told TheNation. The farmers had put away the sugar cane seed after getting only one crop as the monopoly of sugar mills had financially depressed and demoralized the growers, sources said. (Sugar Cane seed has the ability to give two crops from one sowing). Market sources said that Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry set the target at 2.47 million acres of sugar cane cultivation whereas it was cultivated over an area of 2.84 m acres. They said that this year the sugar cane was not cultivated on an area more than 75 per cent of the set target of 2.47 million acres. The farmers from different areas said that the main reason behind the lesser cultivation of sugar cane is industry's exploitation and the absence of government intervention to save them from industry's atrocities. They alleged that the industry was looting them on two counts - first the sugar mills put a cut in weight of sugar cane brought to them, and secondly they did not pay them off in time and whenever payment was made to them, a discretionary deduction was made in it. The sources said that the sugar mills used to make a cut in the weight of unapproved types of sugar cane brought to them but the farmers rejected the industry's explanation and claimed that the industry made deductions without any crop type discrimination. It was also learnt that industry still owes Rs 5 billion to farmers  for the previous year's crop. Abdur Rehman a farmer said that last year there was a cultivation of 300 acres of sugar cane in their village which had now gone down to 100 acres. He said that the government had left the fate of the farmers at the disposal of industrialists' will.  Another farmer from Mandi Bahaudin had the same feelings. He told that he had burnt almost 50 per cent of his sugar cane crop. The reason behind his decision was the costly transportation and labour. , which was costing him more than the output and earning from the crop, and secondly the sugar mill was not willing to pay more than the half price of the produce and that was also supposed to be paid after one year. He also revealed his future plan of not cultivating the said crop. Though the officials of MINFAL claim that they have almost achieved the set target of 2.47 million acres of sugar cane cultivation yet the farmers from different areas of Pakistan deny and claim that there has been at least a 25 per cent decrease in the target of the cultivated area. Specially in the areas which are also suitable for rice growing, there is a minimum of 50 per cent decrease in sugar cane cultivation as the farmers have converted to rice sowing which is a cash crop and they do not have to face the ordeal of waiting for the payments.