FLUFFY, mewing and the purest white, these pale lion cubs already have a legion of adoring fans. Unfortunately their mother is not among them. She took one look at the new arrivals and refused to have anything to do with them.  As a result, the trio, born two weeks ago at a German zoo, are being bottlefed by their keepers. A fourth white sibling didn't live long enough to join the family. White lions are regarded as a rarity in the wild. In captivity, however, it seems a different story. In fact three white cubs were born to another lioness at the zoo in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, south-west of Hamburg, at exactly the same time.  She however, was happy to raise her litter herself. Fortunately these two-week-old white lion cubs are in good hands with the zoo keepers adopting the maternal role. In captivity, both male and female lions, who are unusually social compared to other cats, can live for over 20 years. The German public has a soft spot for orphaned animals. Knut, the first polar bear born in Berlin Zoo for 30 years, became a national celebrity after his mother rejected him. Life, however, hasn't been easy for the bear who attracts at least 200 visitors a day.  He is said to have become addicted to human attention.   'Knut is a problem bear who has become addicted to human beings,' German animal rights activist Frank Albrecht said. Albrecht argues that these animals born in zoos become so dependent on man they end up divorced from nature. The German zoologist Peter Arras has even gone so far as to describe Knut as a 'psychopath'.  Let's hope the future's rosier for these cubs.       - Daily Mail