It was but a few months ago, when I renewed my drivers licence from the Islamabad Capital Police F-8 Office. Yes thats correct. Call me a odd ball, but I'm one of the very few who actually have a driver's licence in Islamabad. And I prefer to keep it valid. I was in for a very pleasant surprise. The entire process took less than 15 minutes Just like the queue system I once experienced at the Nadra swift center. The process was incredibly simple and easy. You pay a renewal fee at the counter, get issued a token, the doctor examines your eye sight, the data entry person checks your data against the Nadra database, another person takes your photograph and the third your fingerprints. Thats it. All in one line. And I picked up the new license from the office in 10 days from the main gate. I loved the new process and was extremely happy with the whole setup. Even with all the systems in this country going down the drain, the ICT Police office had actually moved up. But I would have known that good things don't last forever. And now, the shock and horror when my cook recently went to renew his licence two days ago. First, the poor chap was re-directed to the nearest National Bank of Pakistan branch in F-8 markaz. He was given a form to fill out by the ICT Police office but there were two issues. The form cost Rs. 5 (even though it was nothing but a photocopy). Secondly, my cook can't read or write, so a person at the ICT Police office offered to do it for Rs. 20. So thats Rs. 25 spent. Next, when he proceeded to the NBP branch, he found 3 long lines outside. At least 50 people all queued up. He waited in the hot sun for 30 minutes (and a barely moving line) till he was approached by a person who offered to get the challan fee paid 'on priority' for Rs. 100. Stupid as he is, and considering that the challan was for Rs. 500, he paid the extra Rs. 100. The middleman disappeared inside the branch and the challan was paid in 5 minutes.My cook proceeded back to the ICT Police office, and the rest of the process took 20 minutes. So here is what I'm thinking: 1. Why doesn't the ICT Police move to easier payment services?Why the dependence on a bank, and that only on one bank (NBP), which we all know works very efficiently. There are services like easypaisa available at thousands of shops open late at night (I know because I pay my Utility bills there now).Seriously, why do we have to put up with aninefficientsystem. Do the policemen not want more people to have driver's licences? Why would they make the system so painful? Do they not want more challans paid, faster? So anybody reading this, and happen to know somebody in the ICT - pass this message on to them. 2. Till how long do we have to put up with the corrupt elements in the system? (which are no doubt all linked). Why does a challan form cost Rs. 5 for a simple photocopy? Why would somebody charge Rs. 20 to fill out the form? Its hardly 5 lines Why do they ignore the fact that the majority in this country are uneducated? Why do we let them? And I'm appalled at the National Bank of Pakistan (how dare they carry the name Pakistan) when the decide to implement the policies of go-slow, and then send out the snakes amongst the customers, promising faster service for extra money. We all know it happens Who is going to expose them? So anybody reading this, and happen to know somebody in the media - I'm willing to pose as a customer and expose this corruption And that brings an end to my rants and ravings. OMAR MOEEN MALIK, Islamabad, July 12.