Looking at the busy schedule of Ch Shujaat in Karachi these days, it looks like he is replacing Rehamn Malik as give-and-take guru. It is said that he carries a bagful of clay (Mitti) when he goes to such negotiations. The problem is when he played identical roles in Lal Masjid and Bugti's stand-offs, both resulted in total disasters. It was because he is known to put his personal needs ahead of national interests. Today, rescuing Moonis Elahi is his personal need. Ask his ex boss Gen Musharaf about Ch Shujaat's dubious political dealings, with a sarcastic smile he will nod his head in affirmative. Or for that matter, ask his other ex boss Mr Nawaz Sharif, he will just stare into your eyes with a frown on his face confirming your query. Whatever one says about Rehman Malik, he is loyal to his boss Asif Zardari. DR. GHAYUR AYUB, London, July 14.