The people of Pakistan are unable to understand why MQM wants to retain ex-army dictator General (r) Musharrafs new Local Bodies system when three provinces have already restored the old system and people of Sindh have also rejected Musharrafs system. MQM should respect the opinion of 90 percent people of Pakistan who wanted to see Commissioners system restored in the country. Why they (MQM) want to retain such controversial system only in one city of Pakistan i.e. Karachi? In fact, they had kept hostage the Sindh Government and its people for three years. The people of Sindh still remember during the era of ex-army dictator Musharraf, the five districts of Karachi were merged into one district whereas Hyderabad comparatively smaller district was divided into four districts on ethnic basis to please MQM. I may remind the founder of MQM Altaf Hussain his repeated statements that he issued in the past that being legitimate son of Sindh, he would not allow division of Sindh in any case. Where his party is going now? Mr Altafs mysterious silence on the issue has created suspicions in the minds of the people of Sindh. I request the chief of MQM Altaf Hussain to clarify his position in view of his old statements to retain the solidarity of the Sindh being his legitimate son. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, July 14.