It is good to know that Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has, in a meeting with Bangladeshs High Commissioner Suhrab Hossain, proposed the formation of a working group to explore means to promote trade and cultural ties between Punjab and Bangladesh. No doubt, as Mian Shahbaz observed, Bangladesh is a friendly country that has made rapid strides in various socio-economic sectors. He also gave the assurance to the High Commissioner that he would talk to Prime Minister Gilani for starting air link between Lahore and Dhaka. We wish him luck in cementing ties with a country that was once a part of Pakistan but unfortunately because of our own follies and Indian machinations was forcibly separated. However, the sentiment of brotherhood still exists. But while economic partnership through a working group between Punjab and Bangladesh is, indeed, a good beginning the aim should be to broaden it into a wide range of cooperation between Pakistan (and not merely Punjab) and Bangladesh. When both the nations share so much in common, and most importantly know each other so well, there is no reason why cooperation should remain confined to one province only. There is, besides, little doubt that given the Bangladeshs economy that is heading in the right direction, trade cooperation with it at the national level would be most beneficial for us. Indeed, this is how the full potential of this relationship can be materialised.