With no monitoring, competition or checks and balance,  every kind of business is operating in our country. It could have bad management or an illegal status but we as citizens are helpless and can do nothing. Our cable operator is World Call; their performance has dropped. They have bad transmission, regular break-downs leaving the viewers frustrated. The residents of Lahore Cantt, especially Cavalry Ground area, where I live, are suffering the most. When trying to complain it becomes difficult to reach a complaint office  and when you do the normal reply is: ‘a fault in the line has occurred and the repairs are on, it will take a few hours to restore.’

A historical break down of this nature occurred on the night July 13, when sports lovers were anxiously waiting to watch the Football World Cup final between Germany and Argentina. To the disappointment of all the viewers the break down occurred at a crucial moment. Knowing the World Call’s routine behavior we were sure that the transmission would not resume in time. Rather than going for the proxy of waiting we drove to our son’s residence at the DHA and watched the World Cup finals. When we put on the TV at the Sehri time the cable was still off; it was finally restored the next day.


Lahore, July 14.