KPK and FATA have had the most polio cases, prior to the military operation and the country has already been negatively affected in the international limelight. But with the internal migration of people, including children from NWA to other settled areas, the threat of polio epidemic has emerged. Though, after initial delay, government did launch a vaccination drive to vaccinate up to 400,000 children coming in from FATA and NWA, in an attempt to contain the spread of virus. Despite these efforts, thousands of people migrating from NWA have refused to get their children vaccinated and have placed Bannu (which house the largest number of IDPs) as the most vulnerable district for polio outbreak.

With the continuation of operation, such challenges will continue to surface, as the country experiences biggest migration since the Afghan Jihad. Need of the hour is to harness national resources and develop a strategy comprising all federal and provincial governments, local administrations, military and international organization to address this epidemic and save future generation of Pakistan from being handicapped permanently.


Islamabad, July 14.