An orphan girl was gang raped by an influential landlord along with two accomplices in Hinduana village here on Tuesday. The Pindi Bhattian Police have registered a case against Ch Manzar Mureed, Ghulam Ali and another and have arrested main accused Ch Manzar while others are still at large. According to police source, Ch Manzar along with accomplices visited the house of the girl (identity withheld) for her engagement with his relative but somehow he enticed her away to his dera where all the accused gang raped her.

Meanwhile, a young boy Isa in village Dhunni was allegedly sodomised by five fiendish young men of the same village.

According to police source, five accused including Waqas, Ashfaq, Jahangir, Ataullah and Atif lured Isa to a deserted place where they sodomised him.

The police have registered a case and are investigating.