Lahore - As the Army is beating terrorists in North Waziristan Agency to pulp, destroying their bomb making factories, suicide indoctrination schools et al, the secret place from where the TTP used to make calls to issue threats, communicate with its members and demand extortion money has been unearthed.
Shireen Zada Jihad Public Call Office which was the communication centre of TTP has been taken over by Pakistan Army whose chief spokesperson Maj General Asim Saleem Bajwa told journalists on Tuesday that it was from this booth that terrorists had been making calls to demand extortion and issue threats all over Pakistan. The PCO, being the main source of communication between terrorists in Miranshah and others in settled areas, had been in use to plan attacks in different parts of the country. When COAS Gen Raheel Sharif visited North Waziristan , he walked into the market to see for himself the PCO from where the terrorists had been telephonically spreading terror as well as continuing with their extortion rackets. According to DG ISPR Maj General Asim Saleem Bajwa this was the biggest source of calls . This makes good news for the harried traders and insecure citizens who can now rest assured that they won’t be receiving any threatening calls from Shireen Zada Jihad PCO.
Many of the calls will now no more be made. Some thought that the calls were originating from Afghanistan while the victims included ordinary citizens, businessmen and even parliamentarians. One of the parliamentarians, a KP minister in fact, upon receiving the call rushed to the police station only to be told that there was virtually nothing that could be done. At times, the police had been laughing it off with the excuse of lack of jurisdiction in tribal areas.
The other area captured which used to arouse considerable terror not only in the hearts of the ordinary Pakistanis but the very rough and tough locals of the North Waziristan also was the notorious Aadam Khor Bazaar where the TTP used to kill ordinary people sometimes in the name of serving justice and sometimes teaching spies a lesson. Gen Bajwa said that the name ‘Aadam Khor Bazaar’ caught on because of one shop in a corner of the market which had been fitted up with a typical slab, normally used by butchers at slaughterhouses. Gen Bajwa said that after cutting off the head, the terrorists would leave the body on the board for a day for the people to see.