LAHORE - Umar Akmal Tuesday denied filing suit against warden Zeeshan saying it is baseless news which is totally wrong.
Umar said: “As the matter has ended now and I didn’t take any action on it, then what is the need of filing case against the warden . It is my request to the media that they must clarify the news before making it public as such news not only defocus us from the preparation of upcoming series and worry our family but also bring bad to the country.
“I am happy with my comeback in the Test tea and I am preparing well for the Sri Lanka series. I am hopeful I will prove my inclusion right by delivering for the country and helping it in earning crucial victories,” Umar added.
Earlier, media has said that Umar has triggered off a new controversy by filing a suit for damages against a traffic warden , Zeeshan, who detained him for traffic violations and misbehavior earlier this year.