Riyadh: A total of 644 expatriates have reverted to Islam since the beginning of Ramadan through the Islamic Da’wah center in Batha alone, Sheikh Nooh Al-Qurain, the head of the center, said on Tuesday.

They are from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, Nepal and Kenya, the head of the center, Sheikh Nooh Al-Qurain, he said.

On Monday, 21 people pronounced the Shahadah at a mosque in Dhubbat district, bringing the number of expatriates who embraced Islam through that mosque to 74 since the beginning of the fasting month.

According to Sheikh Nooh, nearly 4,000 foreigners have reverted to Islam through his center from various nationalities since the last Ramadan.

“In Ramadan, our guests see and witness themselves the spirit of generosity, brotherhood and integration through offering daily meals to those who are fasting. Passersby and even strangers are invited to join others in their iftar,” Sheikh Nooh told Arab News. “We even invite non-Muslims to join the Iftar,” he said. “I encourage people, companies and sponsors to introduce the beautiful teachings of Islam by treating the workers with respect and value.”

Earlier, the Imam of the grand mosque in Dubhat district, Malaz, Sheikh Turky Qelaiwy, told Arab News that despite attempts to tarnish Islam, it remains the choice of all nationalities as their new faith.

According to him, the main reason behind people converting to Islam is the good manners of Muslims. “When you treat them according to the teachings of Islam, they will certainly find the religion as the right one for humanity and faith to be adopted” he added.

Courtesy Arab News