LAHORE: Lawyer of Shahbaz Sharif, Mustafa Ramday, has said that the allegations leveled by Imran Khan in his tweet against the CM are concocted and based on malafide intension. In a press statement issued on Wednesday, Ramday said that Shahbaz Sharif never remained defaulter throughout his life. He said that in 2002, Lahore High Court and in 2009, Supreme Court had rejected such allegations against Shahaz Sharif. He said that the value of the assets of Ittefaq Foundries is far more than the claims of the banks. He said that the process of sale of assets had started in July 1998 after joint application by Ittefaq Foundries and banks and due to orders of the court, this process was completed in 2014. Ramday said that after completion of court proceedings, the outstanding amount along with 17 years’ mark up was also paid through Ittefaq Foundries. He said that Ittefaq F oundaries instead of challenging claims of banks, wrote a new history by presenting all its assets for payment of loans.