LAHORE - Taliban leader Mulla Muhammad Omar supports the Pakistan-brokered talks between the Taliban and Afghan government, but at the same time says it is still “obligatory upon us to continue our sacred Jihad to liberate our beloved homeland and restore an Islamic system”.

In his message on Eidul Fitr posted on the Taliban website, he said: “Concurrently with armed Jihad, political endeavours and peaceful pathways for achieving these sacred goals is a legitimate Islamic principle and an integral part of Prophetic politics. As our holy leader, the beloved Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), was actively engaged in fighting the infidels in the fields of ‘Badr’ and ‘Khyber’, he simultaneously participated in agreements beneficial for Muslims, held meetings with envoys of infidels, sent messages and delegations to them and on various occasions even undertook the policy of face-to-face talks with warring infidel parties. If we look into our religious regulations, we can find that meetings and even peaceful interactions with the enemies is not prohibited but what is unlawful is to deviate from the lofty ideals of Islam and to violate religious decrees”.

Although the Taliban leader did not specifically refer to the talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government, the example of the Prophet (PBUH) he quoted clearly means he is alluding to the session held recently at Murree.

The next session between the two sides will be held after Eid, although no date has been set.

In the message, Mulla Omar rejected the assertions that the Taliban were the agents of Pakistan or Iran or that they were against all new developments, modern sciences and resources.

The Taliban leader said: “Therefore the objective behind our political endeavours as well as contacts and interactions with countries of the world and our own Afghans is to bring an end to the occupation and to establish an independent Islamic system in our country. It is our legitimate right to utilise all legal pathways because being an organised and liable setup, we are responsible to our masses, we are an integral part of human society and rely upon one another. All Mujahideen and countrymen should be confident that in this process, I will unwaveringly defend our legal rights and viewpoint everywhere. We have established a ‘Political Office’ for political affairs, entrusted with the responsibility of monitoring and conducting all political activities”.

To make it clear that the war for the liberation of Afghanistan would continue in spite of the talks, Mulla Omar said: “Jihad is as obligatory today as it was in the beginning of foreign occupation because our Afghanistan is still under occupation and both its land and airspace are controlled by the invaders. The only minor difference is that after suffering heavy casualties and financial losses, the foreign occupying forces have reduced their numbers and have confined themselves to heavily fortified bases, filling this void with some notorious figures of our society, mercenary forces trained by foreign intelligence agencies and some naive youngsters in the disguise of Afghan security forces who are financially, logistically and even directly supported by the very occupying forces when pressured by Mujahideen”.

He dismissed as propaganda the accusations that the Mujahideen are “agents of Pakistan and Iran”.

He said, “It is a fact that we have sought cordial relations not only with Pakistan and Iran but also all other neighbouring countries. Just like towards the people of Pakistan and Iran, we have been the well-wishers of all masses of all neighbouring, regional and world countries and we are determined to pursue this wise policy”.

He requested Muslims of the whole world and specially the pious masses of Afghanistan to increase their physical and financial support to the Mujahideen.

Mulla Omar said some people, without having any sound proof, think that the Islamic Emirate is against all new developments, modern sciences and resources. “The Islamic Emirate realises the value and importance of modern sciences and sources in the light of our Holy Sharia law. The proof is that Mujahideen are facilitating both religious and modern studies for the young generation of our beloved homeland in all the areas under their control”.