This was yet another disaster waiting to occur, elimination of Pakistan Hockey from Olympics. We won our first Olympic Gold Medal in hockey in 1960 but since 1992 Barcelona Olympics, we have not won a single medal, yet our National Olympic Committee is hostage to rival groups, each claiming to wear a crown, with nothing to show in terms of performance. As for our elected political governments, the choice to head Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) is confined to two cronies Qasim Zia and Akhtar Rasool, both former Olympians now turned politicians.

The players cannot be blamed for this debacle, given the fact that there were not enough funds available to pay their allowances, hotel accommodation and fare. They need nutrition, training and enough funds for sustenance. Nobody in government has any political will to order an audit about fate of over Rs 1 billion given to PHF. As long as sports organisations continue to be doled out to cronies, there is no hope for improvement. PHF needs to be totally reorganised and restructured with no space for those who have been involved in its debacle. I appeal to PM to kindly address this situation as Patron and ensure that merit prevails, and not political favouritism? Those responsible for financial pilferage must be given exemplary punishment for they have deprived this country and sport lovers of hope, happiness and good news.


Lahore, July 3.