Flood season has arrived creating havoc in Punjab and KPK and as usual it seems our rulers are either sleeping or not aware of the damage these floods do. However the politicians from Punjab and KPK are completely oblivious and do not bother that Kalabagh Dam (KBD) is the only answer to their troubles such as lack of irrigation in D.I.K. and damage to life and property down the line in Punjab and Sindh. Four rivers have confluence near Attock Bridge i.e. Indus, Kabul, Swat and Soan. They all get flooded and this precious water goes to waste, due to lack of storage facility.

The only dam that could store rain water and also glacier water is KBD. The press has been crying hoarse that KBD is inevitable but the rulers seem to continue to ignore the subject as if it was not the cry of the nation. They seem all to be only interested in personal things. It is a pity that, whereas India has built 4000 mega dams and China 27000 dams we have only two mega dams to our credit, which were built or initiated during dictatorial rule of army.

Democracy has been a barren woman for us as she has been infertile and cannot deliver a single mega-hydro electric dam in about four decades. Would our rulers wake up now and forget coal power plants and generate clean hydel power to yield water and affordable power to masses.


Lahore, July 13.