ISLAMABAD - As Axact company scandal remained at the top of the media’s agenda for some weeks, another fake degree issue of Reham Khan, the wife of PTI chairman, remained in the headlines on Wednesday after a British newspaper published a story about her fake educational credentials. However, Reham Khan quickly responding to the report denied the allegations what she termed baseless.

In a statement issued by Reham Khan through twitter and later through PTI’ Central Secretariat, she categorically denied the allegations. According to some media reports, Reham quickly changed the name of her university on her official website after initially dismissing Daily Mail’s fake degree allegations. Earlier, Reham Khan had said on her website, “I have obtained my degree in Broadcast Journalism from North Lindsey College.” Daily Mail in its report claimed that officials at North Lindsey said it had never offered such a course.

Reham Khan in the statement said that she never claimed to have a degree on broadcast journalism, as she has completed diploma in Broadcast Media that she obtained from the Grimsby Institute Media Center.

“There is no need to clarify it. However I need to put the issue at rest. I categorically state that after completing my BA, I undertook a one year postgraduate course for a diploma in Broadcast Media at Grimsby Institute Media Center (Code 0506BC34) which ended on June 23, 2006,” she said. According to Reham Khan, she received this after acquiring a Bachelor Degree from the prestigious Jinnah College for Women, University of Peshawar.

Terming the campaign by a UK-based newspaper malicious and baseless, Reham stated that the timing of attack on her educational qualifications is highly suspicious as the country is currently looking towards the UK authorities in another high profile case which is far more serious than the national media discussing her educational qualifications.

She stated that the media should not get diverted by these “smoke screens” and should focus on matters that could help move towards the goal of ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Reham Khan further said that such attacks are only aimed at attracting the masses from the “real” issues and that no such attacks can stop her from raising her voice on social issues.



APP adds: Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Pervaiz Rashid Wednesday said that Imran Khan was a fast bowler but his spouse Reham Khan turned out to be a spin master.

Talking to a news channel, after the publication of a report in a United Kingdom daily about Reham Khan’s course on broadcast journalism, he said that she not only carried an ability to bowl a googly but she was also an expert in ‘Doosra’.