NEW YORK - British-born musician Joe Jackson on Tuesday announced a new album recorded in four cities, in the latest musical exploration for the eclectic artist. The songwriter, a longtime resident of New York who has touched on jazz, pop and classical over his more than 35-year career, said that his first album since 2012 will come out on October 2. Entitled “Fast Forward,” the album features four-song sets from four cities - New York, Amsterdam, Berlin and New Orleans. The Amsterdam session involves the most diverse instrumentation, including appearances by the Concertgebouw Orchestra and the 14-year-old Broadway singer Mitchell Sink. Songs on the album include, from New York, a cover of the 1970s rocker group Television’s “See No Evil” track, and in Berlin, a modern take on a 1930s cabaret song. The New Orleans set features all local musicians from the birthplace of jazz. Jackson, who has spent much of his time in Berlin in recent years, is widely known for his 1979 hit “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” His last album, “The Duke,” went to number one on the US Billboard jazz chart and his 2000 “Symphony No. 1” won the Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Album.