Our world is changing fast and we should be thankful to God that the change is finally picking speed. We must not forget to thank President Putin as well, for speeding things up. By wisely bringing together leaders from BRICS, SCO and EEU countries under one roof in Ufa last week, he has multiplied the momentum towards a multi-polar world. We are witnessing the turning of the last leaves of a very dark chapter in human history. The next chapter promises much better reading.

Pakistan can count itself among the first countries that stand to benefit from the restructuring of the world order led by the China-Russia axis, especially after becoming a SCO member. It’s a two-way street, of course. Our strategic location and counter-terrorism capacity bring more strength to the powerful alliance that is redefining the contours of the world. The China-Russia axis has decidedly arrived on the global scene and the time is up for the US-led empire’s unilateralist badmashi.

Some friends complain: Why must you drag the empire into everything? Others say: Yes, the empire is up to no good, but we must focus on putting our own house in order. I tell them that the long and many tentacles of the empire spoiling everyone’s broth won’t go away if we close our eyes. Pigeons that close their eyes to wish away the advancing cat always get eaten up in the end.

How can you put your house in order when you leave the door wide open for people who come in disguised as gift-bearing friends but break the furniture, destroy the plumbing and put the curtains on fire the moment your back is turned? When they bribe family members to join the destructive ruckus? How can you put your house in order when the gifts these ‘friends’ bring are laced with poisons and germs, that make you too sick to stand on your feet?

There’s no point denying the pervasive curse of the empire; the full-spectrum terrorism unleashed on the world by those entrusted to lead it, the naked barbarity of governments that claim to be developed and civilized. It’s not just the terrorism of militant extremists that the empire openly feeds in distant corners of the world, from neo-nazis in Ukraine to Islam-coated mercenaries in Syria. It is not only the war-lords and drug-lords on its pay-roll, from Afghanistan to Mexico, or the exiled dissidents and political elites from all over the world that it nurtures in imperial safe havens.

It’s not just the droning and bombing of schools and hospitals, sponsored color revolutions and military occupations. It’s not just the loss of beautiful civilizations in the Arab world, Africa, South America and what they call the Far East.

The death and destruction of military aggression and terrorist proxies hits us more forcefully because the blood is in our face and the destruction in the backdrop is so visibly fresh; ruined apartment blocks in Yemen and Gaza still humming with the laughter of children playing, are now dead. But there’s more to imperial terrorism than this death and destruction.

The empire terrorizes the world with its Dollar-god and the satanic temples of international finance built around it. Dollar has no real value but it is to be treated as the measure of worth of everything else in the world. Within the fiction of this dollar-based economy, through interest on odious debt and imposition of anti-people conditionality, dark wizards in IFI temples devise policies to suck more and more of poor people’s blood, from Pakistan to Greece. As if this and imposing embargoes and sanctions was not enough, NGOs and a so-called civil society is funded to propagate a divisive and distractive discourse; providing props for and singing in chorus with the imperial script.

The cat is completely out of the bag now. The wide range of weapons used by the empire to terrorize the world and wage a perpetual war on its people have been laid out on the table by the China-Russia alliance for all to see, quite like illegal arms recovered in a police raid. The alliance has figured out how to deal with the complete arsenal of the empire and is well on its way to save the world. This is not about securing a Russian naval base in Crimea or tensions along the South China Sea alone.

China and Russia have bypassed the dollar in bilateral trade, and are encouraging their trade partners to trade in their currencies. They have set up the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the New Development Bank which will break the monopoly of the IMF and the World Bank.

Like Pakistan, China and Russia are targets of militant extremists bred by the empire, and used as chess pieces in its war on the world. They understand that Central Asian states are on the target of these imperial proxies. In fact, the SCO was originally conceived to coordinate counter-terrorism efforts in the region. Pakistan has finally joined the right alliance.

China and Russia talk about respecting the right of societies to develop in ways they choose for themselves and an inter-civilization dialogue, a far-cry from the modern day messiahs of the empire with their neo-liberal bibles and hypocritical mantras of democracy and human rights out to convert the world, with force where necessary. The China-Russia axis talks about sovereignty of nations and their territorial integrity, whereas the so-called humanitarian interventions of the empire on cooked up pretexts have reduced peaceful countries to fragmented and lawless territories.

The cynics would like to dismiss the China-Russia axis as just another contender for world dominance, a new empire that seeks to replace the old. It will not change anything for developing countries like Pakistan, they say. They choose to ignore the ideological foundation on which the new pole of global power stands and how it is poised to change the rules of the global game. By neutralizing the weapons of imperial control, the new alliance is clearly taking the world to a better and fairer place.