Makkah: Signs of joy were visible on the face of a 74-year-old Italian lady of Tunisian origin, who was accompanied by her 54-year-old daughter in performing Umrah for the first time in her life.

She was amazed when she saw the Holy Kaaba, as well as the majestic projects and infrastructure of the Grand Mosque.

Seham, who is visiting Makkah with her daughter, had dreams of visiting the Holy Mosque since childhood to perform Umrah. She still aspires to perform Haj.

They are performing Umrah under the patronage of the youth of Makkah who are serving visitors and pilgrims of the Holy Mosque under the program “Youth of Makkah at Your Service.”

Because these two ladies cannot walk, they are going around the nooks and corners of the mosque in wheelchairs. This is all possible with the help of youth of Makkah.

Khaled bin Abdullah Al-Wafi, director of the program, said that immediately after the hotel informed the management of the program, it contacted these two elderly ladies. They had checked into the hotel and needed wheelchairs to perform Umrah.

Two youth were given charge of them to accompany them in the Holy Mosque and help them in performing Umrah and returning them to the hotel.

Courtesy Arab News