What was predicted long ago, has now started to unfold at a comparatively significant pace, as compared to the past. It was “obvious” and had been anticipated by the intelligentsia from all ends of the globe. But the question at the moment is regarding its realisation, that whatever is happening, was “obvious” while considering it an improbable and inconceivable scenario, is an oversight rather than a blooper. Whether the France together with United States goes for, a massive military escalation against ISIL in Iraq and Syria, or radical actions inside its own country to ensure homeland security from acts of terrorism; one thing is for sure, 14th July terror attack in the city of Nice, which lies in the southern part of France, would now result in more polarisation throughout world politics.

The current segment of crisis basically originated with the US War Against Terror and its assault on Afghanistan and Iraq. What was the situation when US launched a war against Afghanistan and Iraq? What are the outcomes of that entire mass escalation? The conflict from Iraq has now expanded all through the Middle Eastern region and has got deep roots across Indonesia, Somalia, Nigeria, Sahel and Horn of Africa. Whereas the conflict in Afghanistan has reached to a point of lethal civil war and the intrusion of regional powers might end up in a deadly proxy war between them, over the Afghan soil.

The growth of ISIL in international politics is a major development in the current conflict scenario. The splinter group of Al-Qaeda is a much radical and organised version of its parent militant organisation and has now created a new wave of extremism throughout the planet. The group started their activities in the Western world in 2014 after gaining the control of significant portion of land in Iraq and Syria, however, the Paris attack in November 2015 provided a real breakthrough to them, in this regard.

The tide of terror attacks in Europe and US is generating a great deal of anti-Islam and anti-Muslim sentiments within the people of the west, which is being masterly exploited by their rightist political entities. This is a serious alarm for the Global Peace and Security. Already Al-Qaeda and other Islamist insurgencies are the fallouts of the suppressive policies by the western powers against the Muslim world. It’s an established phenomenon that insurgencies are always cultivated in an environment of oppression. When the oppression in Middle East increased, simultaneously, the intensity of the insurgency also got increased and the result was “obvious” i.e. ISIL.

This phenomenon is quite explicit into the African War Theater. Al-Shabab and Boko Haram are much more cruel and crude in nature as compared to the previous insurgent groups of Africa.

The terrorist attack in Nice on the celebrations of Bastille Day should undoubtedly be condemned and is being condemned from all corners of the world, but just condemnation could not solve the fruits of the crisis let alone its roots. What so ever is being done by the Western forces in Iraq and Syria, Islam does not at all allow an ordinary individual to take the law into its hands, at any extent, not to mention the shooting and attacking the innocent people.

However, what West needs to understand is the present demographics of global politics. We are living in an age of globalisation. The societies are immensely diverse, multi-cultural and integrated. In developed countries, especially within the Western countries people from almost all religions, races, cultures and ethnic communities are living together. It’s not a colonial era where imperial powers can colonise a country or even a post-colonial period where wars in Vietnam etc. can be launched and one could easily get away with it, without having any severe consequences into their own homelands.

History is evident that insurgencies, emerged as a result of oppression from the Imperial Powers, have always had considerable popularity, regardless of their methodology which is generally based on savagery and inhumanity. West must understand the phenomenon which is deep-rooted beneath the Islamist militant organisations. Therefore at first they have to discriminate between militants and Islamists. They have to revise their interpretation of political Islam.

Moreover, reportedly people from nearly 80 different nationalities are fighting under the banners of ISIL and Al Nusra Front. Most importantly, there is a large number of highly educated students from top Universities of the World and professionals from leading organisations, who have joined the militant groups in the Middle Eastern War field. This should be a paramount point of concern for US and its European allies. This is so “obvious” that there ideology has a strong appeal which is motivating the people living in the West.

Additionally, the enormous displacement of people from Middle East and Africa, in a scenario in which the conflicts are getting endlessly intense and convoluted, is going to be a tremendous disaster for collective peace and security. The key to these crises lies in the political settlement of these conflicts.

International community must play a substantial role to deal with these crises, as the augmenting anarchy in the international political landscape is overturning the existing global order, which at the moment is on the verge of collapse. Furthermore, the International Power brokers have adopted new formations over the political chessboard and in the current multi-polar world politics, this could provide an opportunity to the transnational players, who have absolute potential to disrupt the entire chessboard instead of their opponent.

Finally, on top of everything, the western community has to accept a harsh reality that incase if there is bloodshed in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere, then its, unfortunately, obvious that there would be no peace in their own lands also.