SIALKOT: The Punjab government has decided to dig up a 62-kilometre long canal in the outskirts of Sialkot city for saving the city from floods.

After completion, it will divert about 5,000 cusecs water from seasonal Nullah Aik to Nullah Dek. According to the Irrigation Department, the provincial government would spend Rs1 billion on the project which would be started in December 2017 and complete in a stipulated period of two years.

The officials added that the new canal would save Sialkot city and more than 100 villages from flood disaster. They added that the new canal will begin from main Sialkot-Pasrur Road which would be linked with Nullah Dek near Satrah after passing through Marala-Ravi-Link (MR-Link) Canal and Bambaanwala-Ravi-Baidian (BRB) Canal.

About 5,000 to 10,000 cusecs water would be diverted to the proposed canal from Nullah Aik through Nullah Dek near Pasrur. The officials added that the government would spend Rs500 million on acquiring the land for the canal project.