LAHORE - Federal Minster for Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan Barjees Tahir has said the legal team of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has found 43 discrepancies in the final report of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), which was looking into the Panama leaks involving the prime minister and his family.

Interacting with the media here yesterday, Barjees Tahir reiterated that Nawaz Sharif would not step down as prime minister on the desire of anyone. He said the prime minister and his government enjoyed complete support of coalition partners. He said that Nawaz Sharif came to the power through public vote and he would not resign to satisfy some people’s desire. He said the PML-N believed in rule of law and would accept decision of the Supreme Court on the Panama issue.  Commenting on the JIT report, he said that apparently a vindictive report had been prepared. Keeping in view the ruling party’s reservations about the JIT, he said, the PML-N did not expect anything better from the investigators. He said the PML-N was a democratic party and believed in taking along all on national issues. He said the PML-N believed in strong institutions, which were strength of the country.

 Another participant said that media was essential for a strong democracy and free and fair elections were impossible without the media. Media acted as a crucial watchdog to democratic elections, safeguarding the transparency of the process, he said.

Individualland Pakistan, a research based advocacy group focusing on promoting and strengthening democratic procedures and enhancing the role of citizens in governance recently started working on an initiative ‘Reporting Elections Through Data Journalism’.