SHEIKHUPURA - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Babar Awan Saturday fired a broadside at Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for refusing to step down despite losing moral and legal right to remain in power anymore.

"The prime minister will have to go as it is writing on the wall, the sooner the better," he declared while talking to the media during a stopover on the way to Faisalabad.

PTI leader Raja Riaz accompanied him and they had a brief stop at the resident of local leader Faiz Rasool Gujjar.

Babar Awan pointed out that the prime minister and his family had indulged in money-laundering, forgery and other wrongdoings which the JIT had dug out.

"It is beyond the comprehension that despite tangible evidence of corruption and money-laundering and patent lies by the members of Sharif family, they are trying to hoodwink the nation through different tactics," he claimed, adding that the rulers behaviour is tantamount to insult to the national institutions.

On the occasion, Raja Riaz asked the prime minister to step down from his office voluntarily otherwise he has to face an ugly situation in coming days.


An oil tanker carrying about 25,000 litres of diesel overturned due to some technical fault here on Sargodha Road near Jhamke on Saturday.

Locals and nearby shopkeepers, however, blocked the road from both sides to avoid any untoward incident. On the other hand, the personnel of the law enforcement agencies, as usual, failed to reach the spot in time. However, traffic was restored after removing the oil-tanker from the road. No loss of life or property occurred in the incident. The Sheikhupura Saddr Police have started investigation.