LAHORE - The Supreme Court should intervene in making public Justice Ali Baqir Najafi Report on Model Town killings like the JIT report about the Panama case, the Pakistan Awami Tehreek demanded on Saturday.

Dr Tahirul Qadri’s party made this request through a resolution at a protest demonstration organised at The Mall. The resolution was supported by almost every opposition party of Pakistan included PPP, PTI, MQM-Pakistan, PML-Q, Jamaat-i-Islami, Pak Sarzameen Party, Majlse Wahdatul Muslimeen and Sunni Ittehad Council.

The leaders of the said parties also addressed the protestors gathered on the appeal of the party chairman, Dr Tahirul Qadri, to record their protest against the government for not making public Model Town inquiry report even after passage of three year to the incident which took lives of 14 PAT workers during a clash with police in 2014.

Holding banners and placards inscribed with anti-Sharif slogans, participants chanted slogans against the ruling family and vowed to render every sacrifice to get justice on Model Town case. Dr Qadri addressed them through a video-link from abroad.

In his speech, the PAT chief presented resolution appealing the apex court for making public the Model Town report. It is the high time, he said, that the Supreme Court should intervene and direct Punjab government for making public the Model Town report. The court, he said, should also direct the arrest of the responsible of the incident.

Qadri said the JIT report dealt with the corruption of Sharif family while the Model Town report narrated the killing stories of innocent people by same ruler. He reiterated Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif were directly responsible for the incident.

The PAT chairman said he was pleased that investigation team exposed the corruption of Sharif and the members deserved great appreciation for.

“I was not expecting such bold step from the JIT members. They really did the great job and I congratulate them for it,” he said, adding the JIT report on Sharif family corruption, however, was only narrating a single story of their loot. There were other hundreds of massive corruption stories of Sharifs, he alleged.

He also emphasised the need of ruthless accountability and restructuring of the institution. He said jumping into election without massive reforms would be useless. If the people of Pakistan wanted a real change, Dr Qadri said, they should stand for the change.

The opposition parties should unite on a single cause of brining reforms in every institution including the election commission, he urged.

JI’s secretary general Liaqat Baloch, PTI leaders Ch Sarwar and Mian Mahmoodur Rasheed, PPP leader Mian Manzor Wattoo, Sunni Ittehad Council chairman Sahibzada Hamid Raza, and the leaders of PML-Q, PSP, MQM-Pakistan and MWM also spoke on occasion.