KARACHI - The family members of Dr Aafia Siddiqui have said that they have not talked to her on telephone for the last two years, fearing this facility may have been withdrawn.

In a press release issued here on Saturday, Aafia Movement Pakistan leader Dr Fawzia Siddiqui said that she and other members of Aafia’s family were extremely concerned about her health and wellbeing, as they had no telephonic communication with her for the last two years.

“Because of that we do not know how she is passing her days in detention in the American jail,” she said.

She regretted that the family members could not talk to her even on the occasion of Eidul Fitr.

She said Pakistani embassy officials in the US had failed to take steps for the resumption of telephonic communication of Aafia with her family.

“They have also failed to take concrete steps to seek her release,” she said, and added, “It is necessary that the government officials discharge their duties honestly so that the confidence of people is resorted in them.”

Fowzia regretted that the Pakistani officers instead of performing duties had become salves of corrupt rulers.

She said that protection of citizens should be the top most responsibility of the government officers. Demanding appointments and postings of government officials on merit,

Fowzia said it was inevitable if they were to discharge their duties honestly for the wellbeing of citizens of Pakistan.

She said the nation needed honest and committed rulers.

 “The rulers have been deceiving people on the issue of Aafia’s release since 2003,” she said, and added that betrayal of the cause of daughter of the nation could not give respect and honour to the rulers.

She said not only the Pakistani nation, but people of the whole world had been demanding the release and repatriation of Dr Aafia Siddiqui.