One of the greatest problems of the nation is unemployment, especially for the youth. It’s getting harder for the newly graduated to find jobs in their respective fields and this is increasing every year.

Now the government has introduced a new scheme where laptops are awarded to students who’ve reached a certain criteria. Instead of doing this, they should be looking for ways to create means of employment. The laptop scheme seems to be a way to prevent the youth from an uprising against the government. The young citizens of Pakistan are being deceived from their rights by these officials.

Following graduation, university students are being given laptops for which they have no use. Without any jobs it does not benefit them and some of the laptops do not work properly. As I stated before, the laptops are a way to ensure the voices of the unemployed are silenced. The propaganda would allow the receivers to think the government is working for their betterment and is on their side. Those who have participated in these schemes are unable to understand the problems which lie in their future.

With the help of your newspaper, I am able to state my opinion on the laptop scheme. My intention is not to criticise the act of the government, but to address the real issue which is unemployment. They need to develop jobs for the youth, not hand out devices. I hope this will somewhat have an impact on critics.


Karachi, June 26.