KAMALIA - Religious scholar Maulana Haibat Khan Sialvi was laid to rest at his native village in Jhang the other day.

He had died in Dars Ghausia Mohallah Madina Abad Kamalia where thousands of his followers and people, belonging to all walks of life, including MNA Ch Asadur Rehman, MPA Nazia Raheel, Awam League Chairman Riaz Fatyana attended his funeral.

His body, thereafter, was shifted to his native village near Jhang where he was buried after being offered second funeral by locals. The deceased had been Principal of Madrasa Ghausia Hanfia. He served as an organizer of Sunni Ittehad Council and was also a member of Kamalia Aman Committee.

Followers of the departed soul including social and political figures offered condolences with the bereaved family. They remembered him for his great religious services and prayed for his rest in eternal peace.