There is something wrong with the mind-set of those who wield power in Pakistan. They consider it worthwhile to rule or hold office, but not to celebrate Eid in this country. It is unfair to put blame alone on the incumbent Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for once again choosing to celebrate Eid in London, as this was also done by Shaukat Aziz, Asif Ali Zardari and numerous others who’ve held civic offices.

One wonders how many foreign countries would tolerate their elected leaders acting this way. Most people travel to their home cities or villages to celebrate religious festivities or national holidays. Home is where you have a sense of belonging, where your extended family resides and where your financial assets are. They do not share the feeling of ‘patriotism’, the love for the land you were born and raised in.

This is the same establishment who has violated the constitution, whenever it chooses. They damage our country one way or another, and choose to live abroad when their term ends. Some of them do not even bother applying for a National Identity Card or a CNIC card. How is it that foreign countries allow individuals who’ve held important positions in the past, who have access to national security matters reside in their country? Shouldn’t these individuals be going through the same process as the rest of the country does? It seems they are able to gain advantages due to their children living there and they themselves have gained foreign nationalities.


Lahore, June 25.