A cabinet minister handed over the documents which alleges Sharif family’s possession of assets beyond their known sources of income to the Joint Investigation Team, a senior journalist has claimed.

Speaking in a talk show, journalist and anchorperson Hamid Mir said a member of the Sharif family provided information and documents allegedly pertaining to their offshore companies to the JIT team.

“An insider is involved in this. The documents have been provided by someone from the Sharif family . A cabinet minister himself handed over the documents to the JIT,” said Mir.

“The minister hails from Punjab. A Punjabi has backstabbed another Punjabi,” he added without deliberating on further details.

The JIT, set up by the Supreme Court to investigate corruption allegations that surfaced following the Panama Papers leak, has also accused Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's children, including heir apparent Maryam Sharif, of signing falsified documents about ownership of off-shore companies.

Sharif, 67, serving his third term as prime minister, faces opposition calls to step down but is defiant in his condemnation of the report that alleges his family's income from business was not large enough to explain its wealth.

The investigation team, which included officials from a military intelligence agency, presented its report to the Supreme Court on July 10. The next hearing begins tomorrow.

Sharif, the son of an industrialist, will have his fate decided by the Supreme Court, which could disqualify him or order a trial.

Sharif was originally nurtured by the military as a civilian politician who would protect their interests, and he served as prime minister twice in the 1990s.

But he later fell out with an army chief and was ousted in a 1999 coup leading to a decade of exile.