Universities, educational institutes and corporate giants around the world are investing huge amount of money through degree programmes, training in developing leadership qualities in young students and professionals, like resource management, project management, strategic thinking, risk management and entrepreneurship. But the idea that has given results is engaging the talent in community service.

As a developing country and having population above 200 million with most of the residents cannot afford basic needs, it is delimited by issues such as inadequate refined resources, unproductive or obsolete factories and lack of expertise about new technology, illiteracy and poverty. Pakistan is the ideal place where community service projects can prove to be game changers.

Many Educational Institutes and organizations have realized that if they want to achieve the international standards and to develop leadership traits in youngster of the country it very important to engage the min Community Service. Keeping that in vision numerous of the Businesses have started Corporate Social Responsibility Projects for the local community, through which they encourage the employees to volunteer for the community development work.

Leading Educational Institutes of the Country have also realized the need and hence developed strategies to balance them, for instance many of the undergraduates programmes especially in business management have made compulsory for the students to serve sufficient credit hours in community service for the completion of the degree.

Many Universities and Educational institutes seeking international Accreditations have put more focus on internationalization and Community Service. This initiative has helped the students to explore their interests, find their passions and also given them the platform to think which skills required more working and polishing.

The youngsters serving in community are not only developing leadership skills but also learning how to cater the needs of community, understanding the Government systems and what important role the not for profit sector is playing in the development of Pakistan.

Therefore, it is quite clear that the youngsters involved in community service projects are developing the required skill set, sturdy morals and motivation to serve and lead Pakistan in the best way imaginable.