As one of the living of this country Pakistan I feel it’s my responsibility to raise my voice for my nation and to strike off against all those people who are willing to benefit their own selves instead of my nation. 

It’s been 70 years we are struggling in the hands of these corrupt mafias, they have done nothing but pushed Pakistan to the levels which it never deserved only because of their dirty politics and personal interests. It’s now the time to kick them off and choose someone who is not like the ones we have had. These materialistic leaders played with the feelings and lives of our nation but when it’s time to gain power they ask for our votes as if they really do care. I request don’t cast your vote just on the basis that your ancestors supported them so you are supposed to do the same, but stand and change this mindset by choosing someone new, someone worthy who can come and make this Pakistan “Quaid-e-Azamka Pakistan”. 

It’s my humble request, if you all won’t do it now these monsters will eat our nation and our children in future. This is our beloved nation for which millions of people have sacrificed their lives. All these politicians will play and leave and nothing will be left except suffering .I hope that this year we all will cast our votes to the right and will definitely bring a change. 


Karachi, June 24.