Rawalpindi - All the departments concerned including Rawalpindi Waste Management Company (RWMC), Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA), Rescue-1122, Rawalpindi and Chaklala Cantonment Boards and Municipal Corporation Rawalpindi (MCR) have been put on high alert for the monsoon season, while a comprehensive action plan for preventing flood in Nullahs has been devised.

According to Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC), General, Sara Hayat, WASA has set up a flood control room at its Headquarters in Liaquat Bagh and four field offices. The departments concerned are also finalizing all the arrangements including medical, evacuation, warning system and establishment of emergency response cell to cope with any flood situation for monsoon season.

The cleanliness and de-silting work of all 11 Nullahs of the city which fall in Nullah Lai is being completed swiftly, she added. Dhoke Naju, Zia-ul-Haq Colony, both sides of Ratta bridge, Bhossa Godown, Mohanpura near Jinnah Road Bridge, Javaid Colony, Nadeem Colony, Dhoke Chiragh Din, New Phagwari, Mohallah Raja Sultan, Gowalmandi and Dhoke Ellahi Bukish and other vulnerable areas of the town have been focused during the cleaning operation.

A comprehensive action plan for preventing flood in Nullah Lai and other Nullahs of the city has been devised aimed at mitigating potential flood damage. WASA has set up five response units including four flood and one water supply unit for monsoon season where staff would be on duty around the clock, she said. Efforts are being made to improve the coordination and communication amongst the departments concerned. Steps are also being taken to enhance public awareness about situations that increase the flood risk. 

The flood control room at WASA Headquarters Liaquat Bagh is operational since 1st July while field offices have also been established at Moti Mehal, Commercial Market, Khayaban-e-Sir Syed and Bagh Sardaran where all the required machinery has been provided. She informed that the MCR authorities have been directed to remove encroachments from the banks of the Nullahs.

The low lying areas particularly Rattamral, Katarian, Tipu Road, Dhoke Naju, Gawalmandi, Zia ul Haq Colony  are being focused.  Punjab Emergency Service, Rescue 1122 Rawalpindi has finalized all the arrangements for the monsoon season.

Rescue 1122 Rawalpindi will monitor and promptly convey flood warnings to all the agencies and the general public of low lying areas well before time.

Two water level gauging stations are at Katarian and Gawalmandi bridges while 10 flood warning posts are at TMA Rawalpindi, Christian Colony, Water Treatment Facility Adjustment to Medical College, Rattaamral bridge, Gunjmandi,  Pirwadhai bridge, Fire Station Pirwadhai, Sector iv-b, Khayaban Park, Gawalmandi Children Park and Government Middle School, Dhoke Naju. A special flood relief committee will monitor relief and rescue activities. 

The whole target area which ranges from Kattarian to Chaklala bridges is divided into eight zones and 33 safe locations have been identified where evacuation centres and relief camps for effective management of flood disaster will be established.