Islamabad (PR) The Area Study Centre of the Quaid-e-Azam University organized a tree plantation today. The campaign was headed by Dr Sadia Sulaiman, the interim director of Social Sciences.

Students were encouraged to participate in the campaign to make Pakistan green. It was first phase in which 110 trees were planted and this tree plantation drive would continue for a month.

On the occasion, Dr Sadia said that Pakistan is heading towards drought, famine and water scarcity thanks to climate change issues. “There are lesser rains, longer and intense summers while adding insult to injury the environmental pollution is causing breathing problems for people in big cities. Therefore it is the duty of every citizen especially of academia to work for green Pakistan so that our future generation doesn’t suffer the potential havoc of global warming,” said the director.

Another faculty member Dr Bahramand Shah joined the tree plantation to motivate the volunteers. A private audit firm, in its Green Earth Group initiative, has been donating trees to be planted in Islamabad. It was contacted for the trees and the varsity thanked the firm for their support. Chairman of the donating firm, Asad Ijaz and Sohail Tahir from IdeaTech software House also participated in this noble cause.