On July 8, 2016 we lost the symbol of humanity Abdul Sattar Edhi, who served his entire life for humanity. Renowned philanthropist and social worker Edhi remembered on his second death anniversary this year and people from different areas prayed and recited Holy Quran for him. Starting his journey with aim of helping poor and bringing equality in the society, from the age of 20 along with one ambulance the man succeed to make the Edhi foundation the largest volunteer ambulance organization.  

Actually in this world million of people come and go but only those people remain alive in the hearts and lips of people who do something especial to be remembered forover and Edhi is truly a legend in that list. His immense services for the sake of humanity will never be forgotten in mankind’s history. I pray to Almighty Allah to rest his soul in peace and it is duty and responsible of each individual to continue his mission serving the humanity. 


Turbut, July 10.