ISLAMABAD - Ustad Raza Ali Khan School of music, a subsidiary of ‘Theater Walay’, will start classes for aspiring singers from twin cities to train them about the basics of singing including ‘raags’ and beats.

During the classes, students will be taught by professional singers and instruments players about ‘raags’, beats and background information about the musical instruments.

These will be joint classes which will be held twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursday) from 6:30pm to 7:30pm at Bani Gala. The classes will start from July 30.  Being a subsidiary of an art group, ‘Theater Walay’, Ustad Raza Ali Khan School of Music was also conducting classes for various musical instruments including guitar, harmonium, violin, sitar and table also underway. Music instruments also will be available from the organisers.

Learning of vocal or instrumental music has always been a one-to-one process where the Ustad directly supervise every single move of the musical taste of his pupil.

Ustad sang or played an instrument and the Shagird (the pupil) learned by listening and repeating the phrases.  Bringing such recreational activity to the city will not only help the aspiring singers but it will also help the music industry and dying art of classical musical instruments such as ‘tabla’, ‘sitar’ and harmonium.